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****2008 Merit Badge College **** Athens, Alabama

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On-Line Registration Open Nov 20, 2007

The following Adult Classes are being offered. There is no cost to take these classes. All Adult classes will be held at the First Baptist Church.

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Class Title                                                                     Session Being Offered
Safety Afloat & Safe Swim Defense                                  Morning or Afternoon
CPR Training (limit 12 per session)                                   Morning or Afternoon
Teaching Scouts First Aid (introduction)                            Morning Only
Teaching Scouts First Aid (rank requirements)                  Afternoon Only
Life-to-Eagle                                                                   Morning Only (9:00 - 11:00)
Leave No Trace Cooking                                                  Morning Only (10:00 - Noon)
(how to cook for a large group)
Leave No Trace Principles                                               Afternoon Only
Note on "Teaching Scouts First Aid" classes:
The Morning Session is focused on why Scouters need more training in First Aid. It then covers a series of topics not covered in Scout First Aid (lightning, anaphylaxis, altitude illness, diabetic hypoglycemia, animal injuries, and marine injuries).
The Afternoon Session goes through the Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, and First Aid Merit Badge step-by-step with changes and corrections to bring all these areas up to date.