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****2008 Merit Badge College **** Athens, Alabama

Merit Badge Class Locations
Athens State University
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Merit Badges / Classes

#2 Courtyard

Leave No Trace Cooking Demo

#6 Student Center

Lunch, snack bar.

#8 Waters Hall

Cit in the Nation (room 101), American Heritage (room 205) , Art (room 102), Fingerprinting (room 104), Traffic Study (room 104),

Model Design and Building (room 201)

#10 Carter Physical Education Center

Registration, Opening ceremony.

Woodcarving (room P8)

#14 Chasteen Hall

Auto Mechanics (room 104), Computers (room 107), Electricity (room 106), Electronics (room 100)

#15 Parking

Please park your vehicles in designated areas only.

#16 Classroom Bldg.

(first floor)

Chemistry (room 110), Cit in the World (room 101), First Aid (room 104), Pioneering (room 114)

#16 Classroom Bldg.

(second floor)

American Cultures (room 203), Communications (room 202), Dentistry (room 210), Engineering (room 214), Journalism-Print (room 201), Law (room 205), Music (room 204), Public Health (room 204), Textile (room 201), Vet Medicine (room 205)

#17 First Baptist Church

Adult Safe Swim; Adult CPR; Adult Teaching First Aid, Adult Life to Eagle; Adult LNT Principles

#18 Beasley Field