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****2008 Merit Badge College **** Athens, Alabama

Athens State University
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On-Line Registration Open Nov 20, 2007
The 10th Annual Merit Badge College at Athens State University will be on Saturday January 5, 2008. Please join us in 2008.
Welcome to the 2008 Merit Badge College web page.
We will have fewer merit badges this year due to fewer adult instructors. Registration will open November 20 and close December 22, 2007. Please have all your sign-up sheets in as soon as possible because classes will fill up quickly.
Check the Class Size sheet for class size remaining or closed classes before you sign-up. 
Please check back for latest news.
Registration is now OPEN till December 22, 2007.
Some Sessions are FULL. Please check
"Class Size" at bottom of this page.


Moreover, there is only one standard by which a boy is judged as qualified for a badge, and that is the amount of effort he puts into his work. This gives direct encouragement to the dull or backward boy-the boy in whom the inferiority complex has been born through many failures. If he is a trier, no matter how clumsy, his examiner can accord him his badge, and this generally inspires the boy to go on trying till he wins further badges and becomes normally capable. (bp)

Please read all the information on the web site before sending in your sign-up sheet.

Some merit badges have requirements that can not be completed at the Merit Badge College. Encourge your scouts to complete those requirements before the Merit Badge College.

This event is designed as instructional classes on the requirements listed for each merit badge and not as a replacement for local merit badge counselors. 

Please contact Don McDow  if you wish to be included on the Merit Badge College e-mail list or would like to make a suggestion.

Merit Badge College Fee:
The merit badge fee is used to pay for lunch for all scouts and adults, buy the merit badge college patch and to cover the cost of copies and other matierals used.
Some merit badges require extra materials. The cost of those materials is $5.00 and must be added to the "general" fee.

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Email Don McDow here.